Liverpool Personal Trainers offer the highest level of Custom Designed Fitness Programs and Personal Training. If your goal is a Toned Body, to Lose Weight, to reduce Body Fat, Help with Nutrition and Meal Planning, to up your Energy, to Increase your Flexibility, to optimise your Fitness, maybe you need to Rehabilitate an injury or to just To Feel Great then we can help you. And best of all WE CAN COME TO YOU!

               "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
                                              Henry David Thoreau

Our Mobile or Studio Based Personal Training System is not only a cost effective and convenient alternative to joining a gym but more importantly its a results-driven program anyone can do to lose body fat, tighten and tone up and get fit and healthy.

We don't leave any stone unturned when you start with us. Our exercise programs cover everything from: postural assessments, fitness challenges and assessments, nutrition, diet advice and meal planning, home exercise programs better known as homework, shopping tours, personal lifestyle design, addressing muscle imbalances, injury prevention and rehabilitation, corrective exercise, personal hormonal imbalances, detoxification and many more aspects of health and fitness which need to be addressed on a one on one person to person basis.

Our personal trainers are all qualified and accredited Australian Fitness Professionals. Our vision is to build a healthier and happier community and our mission is to provide you with the most efficient and effective health and fitness solution by listening, understanding and implementing a specific program to exactly YOUR GOALS.

Here's what a Personal Trainer Liverpool will do for you:

Weight Loss / Fat Loss- Our programs help you lose weight and more specifically body fat because we spend a lot of time designing a custom-fit exercise and nutrition program to each individuals needs. Using our proven fitness formulas, our customised nutrition plan our home exercise program coupled with our one on one personal training plans you will burn more body fat because of our combustion after burn training principle. Most of our clients come to us for weight loss / body fat reduction so we are very experienced in this area and we are striving to be the premiere Liverpool weight loss solution.

Get a Lean Flat Stomach - There are certain positions that need to be maintained throughout a crunch or leg lift which increases the effectiveness of the exercise by more than 80%. Working your lower abs before your upper abs will triple the effectiveness of your ab workout. Hormones can also play a major role in belly fat and we address this. Nutrtion obviously plays a major role as well as developing the core muscles behind the abdominals which hold the complete structure together.

Reduce Your Trouble Body Parts - A Personal Trainer at Liverpool realises that there is a place for every type exercise modality. And it's true that spot reduction does not work. But it is also true that the more you activate a muscle, the more blood flow and the more blood flow the more opportunity you have at reducing certain areas of your body. It's not that we can't lose body fat in certain areas, it's because we don't give that area the same amount of constant blood flow that sometimes causes fat deposits to build up. We use a combination of pilates-moves as well as interval training to help reduce the size of the lower body.

Tighten Your Muscles - A combination of weighted and bodyweight super sets, moderate to high intensity circuits and core stability calistenics combined with our dynamic functional exercise programs produce great muscle tone and definition.

Increase Fitness - Each workout builds on the previous and in no time you will have more energy, have more endurance, be less out of breath, and be able to sustain a higher workload for longer.

Create an Motivating and Fun Environment to Workout In -It's important to enjoy your workouts and have some fun while training. So we make our workouts challenging but also have a bunch of fun and tell a few jokes in between sets and try and just make the whole program something that our clients look forward to doing.

Educate you on Proper Exercise Technique and which Exercises are Best for You -Your fitness trainer Liverpool will design a specific individualised program to your goals, which will fit any busy lifestyle and which will produce the best results based on what you want to achieve. Our trainers pride themselves on excellent exercise technique and we will show you not only the correct form for doing your exercises but show you the correct order in which to do them.

Personal Trainers in Liverpool are all Certified with Fitness Australia, Professionally Qualified, Fully Insured Fully and Registered Fitness Professionals. If your browsing around for a Personal Trainer Liverpool give us go and we promise we will make a difference in the way you look and feel.

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